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AP Physics C or Introductory College Physics
Mechanics and Electricity an Magnetism
Here are some youtube videos to give you some explanations of AP Physics C topics to help with AP  Physics.

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Electricity & Magnetism

 Topics of Videos 
For AP Physics Help

 (Click on the topics to see the videos in that topic.) 

I. Electric Charge, Electric Force, and Electric Field

J.   Gauss's Law

K.   Electric Potential

L.  Capacitance and Dielectrics

M. Direct Current Circuits

N.   Decay and Growth in Physics (Air Resistance and RC Circuits)*

O.   Magnetic Fields (How Moving Charges Interact with Magnetic Fields)

P.  Sources of Magnetic Fields (How Moving Charges Actually Create Their Own Magnetic Fields)

Q.   Electromagnetic Induction

R.   Inductance

*This topic is covered in both mechanics and E&M.

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Topics of Videos
For AP Physics Help

(Click on the topics to see the videos in that topic.)

A.   Kinematics: Describing  an Object’s Motion

B.   Mechanics: The Big Picture

Newton’s Laws

D.    Work, Energy, and Power

E.     Momentum, Impulse, and the Center of Mass

F.    Rotational Motion

G.   Satellite Motion

   Periodic Motion (Harmonic Motion)

*N. Growth and Decay in Physics (Air Resistance and RC Circuits)

*This unit is mechanics and E&M because both air-resistance and RC circuits use growth and decay graphs.

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